The English Coach’s Instructional Playbook


Discover the Reading and Writing Plays that enable all students to achieve.
Athletic coaches know how to design practice to produce top performance.
We can do the same in the English classroom.
With The English Coach’s Instructional Playbook, discover how to teach students
– to interact with the details of a story beyond mere understanding of the plot
– to develop their own perceptive reflections in discussion of the literary text
– to transform their plot-driven sentences into interpretive analysis
– to organize their ideas into coherent paragraphs and essays
With the Playbook, turn your classroom into a space of deliberate movement where students experience the plays in action!
– Roll the Grammar Dice to master new sentence structures
– Play musical chairs through the pages of a story
– Interrogate Sydney Carton, Daisy Buchanan, and Achilles in the Literary News Conference
– Compete for intellectual glory in the Tournament of Scholars
– Discover the pulse of the parts of speech with Human Sentences
– Chart a course for students’ arguments with graphic organizers
Finally, a Playbook that merges the wisdom of athletics, science, and psychology to design clear instruction in reading and writing.

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