Crafting Expository Argument 5th Edition


Includes Strategies for Shaping the Writerʼs Analytical Voice!
This latest edition includes
  • A new chapter on developing an analytical voice, a voice that asserts an interpretive perspective beyond plot.
  • An expanded discussion on Aristotle’s topics for inventing arguments.
  • A thorough examination of parallel structure, along with additional exercises.
  • Two additional essays on poetry.
  • Additional sample body paragraphs.
  • Revised discussion of the paragraph’s focus on coherence, style and unity.
  • Additional samples in the editing section
A text with one primary focus -­‐-­‐ teaching universal writing skills -­‐-­‐ Crafting Expository Argument is replete with student-­‐written composition models, annotated to demonstrate specific writing techniques. Not only is it the best text of its kind for clearly showing teachers how to weave the teaching of grammar into the writing process, it also provides numerous examples of basic problems in writing encountered by student-­‐writers (weak transitions, details off-­‐topic, organization of evidence, wordiness, poorly-­‐blended textual support, etc.) and demonstrates in each case how to fix them.
  • Provides student-­‐written paragraphs and essays, with annotations, for your students to model
  • Includes grading rubrics and evaluation forms
  • Explains how to make grading faster and easier
  • Provides students with examples of how to fix common writing problems: incorporating textual support, extending elaboration, organizing evidence, maintaining coherence
  • Written and published by teachers who know, from experience, that the teaching of grammar can and should be woven into the teaching of the writing process in a way that requires students to use a variety of grammatical structures in their compositions -­‐-­‐ and it shows you clearly how this can be done
  • Contains writing assignments and activities for improving specific skill areas in the writing process