3 Days w/Dr. Degen – July 9,10,11 / 20hrs. CPE

Join Dr. Degen in his classroom experiencing the research-based reading and writing plays internalized by top performing students of Language Arts.

 What do neuroscientists, psychologists, and athletic coaches have to tell English teachers about their instruction? 

That reading and writing are not magically or genetically bestowed gifts, but activities that involve a process, abilities that can be acquired through training. And that our students best acquire these abilities when we design lessons that take into account how their brains naturally learn. 

Day 1– The Reading Plays — using visual and written texts, we’ll experience lessons that help students develop an interpretative point of view that moves beyond plot 

Day 2 — The Grammar Plays –transforming syntactical style through imitation and competitive games, we’ll experience how grammar instruction ignites the brain’s instinct for challenge and authentic purpose 

Day 3 — The Writing Plays — using the reading plays to guide the creation of the essay, we’ll draft the thesis and topic sentences of the essay and focus on developing a single paragraph, implementing the strategies of coherence and unity

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July 9, 10, 11

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Experience grammar activities that energize the brain’s natural impulse for linking movement and cognition, for strengthening

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We’ll use visual images linked thematically to The Great Gatsby as the content for drafting the